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X4 Environmental focuses

on innovation when it comes

to hydrocarbon elimination.

With the unique skills, experience and technology, X4 Environmental can reduce TPH(Total petroleum hydrocarbons) as much as 90% in between 48-72 hours.

Using X4JH2000, X4 Environmental is able to fulfil our clients need on Soil Remediation, Storage Tank Cleaning, Drilling Mud Remediation , Drill Cutting Washing with the matter of cost and time efficiency.

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Soil Remediation 

On site remediation of soils and media contaminated with petrochemical, and hydrocarbons

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Storage Tank Cleaning 

X4JH2000  is the most costeffective means of dealing with degas and cleaning

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Drill Cutting Treatment

Drill cuttings must be treated since they are harmful to the environment.


Untreated drill cuttings contaminates the drinking  water through percolation into the soil and can kill  aquatic live and birds and farm land.

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