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OPERATION - Land Farming


The Oil Base Mud, Water Base Mud and Drill Cutting be loaded into Dump Trucks using a combination front loader and back hoe or conveyors.

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Each wash is approximately 20 cubic meters of contaminated media. Before being discharged there will be a TPH reduction of approximately 93 to 95% upon completion of the wash cycle. TPH levels of 200,000 ppm are dramatically reduced to acceptable levels of less then 1% or 10,000 ppm. Once in the dump Trucks the drill cutting will be transported to the work area where the drill cuttings are washed with a solution of X4JH2000 and water.

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The Drill Cutting/Mud will receive a 20 to 60 minutes wash depending on the type of drill mud (OBM or WBM). After the washing cycle, the Drill Cutting/Mud will be placed in a designated clean area or removed from sites using dump trucks for deposit elsewhere.

Each tank will clean approx. 20 M^3 / wash in 30 to 60 minutes. Foot Print: 24’x8’x8, dry 6,000 LBS., wet 28,000 LBS/. Skid

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